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Welcome to the Denominational News page of our website. Our hope is that over the next year we will share news and offer updates on this page, recognizing that we all benefit from a shared common understanding. Please know that our goal is to help everyone move through this period of transition with the least amount of disruption and distraction to our mission of fishing.

We are offering an online “Methodism 101”  that will describe some of the fundamental elements within the denomination that are at the core of the disaffiliation discussion; our Methodist Book of Discipline, the UMC Connectional structure and the Trust Clause. You can watch that video to the right.

Methodism 101 – Understanding The United Methodist Church

0:00 – Introduction | 1:35 – Church Structure | 5:22 – The Book of Discipline | 10:37 – The Trust Clause | 11:56 – Closing Remarks and Town Hall Dates

2016 Book of Discipline:

Town Hall Updates

Every so often, we have Town Hall Meetings to offer our congregation the chance to see presentations, hear from leadership, and learn more about challenges that may face our church family.

Our first Town Hall occurred on Sunday, April 23rd at 3pm. Our second Town Hall occurred on Wednesday, April 26th at 6:30pm. The link to view a recording of this Town Hall is posted below.

News and Articles

As a follow up to our town hall sessions and our continuing efforts to help members gain clarity around denominational issues, here are some educational resources that were offered in the June, 2023 South Carolina United Methodist Advocate:

What to learn more about staying in the UMC?
A number of resources abound for wanting to “stay UMC” or learn more about what this might look like. Resources include the following:
• Is The United Methodist Church Really … ?:
• BeUMC: • Committed to The UMC:
• UMC’s Discipleship Ministries:
• Fresh Expressions, a subset of Discipleship Ministries:
• Resource UMC:
• That We May Be One:
• Adam Hamilton: A Future with Hope:
• Beginning Again, A Guide for Remaining in the UMC: beginning-again-guide-v3.ashx?la=en

Want to learn more about the Global Methodist Church?
The Rev. Keith Boyette, transitional connectional officer for the Global Methodist Church, has shared five articles he believes people would find to be very helpful to read to learn more about the GMC. These articles are as follows:
• “The Local Church in the Global Methodist Church”:
• “What We Believe Matters”:
• “Hopes and Aspirations”:
• “The Spirit of a New Connection”:
• “Leaning Into Our Mission”:

People Need Jesus has organized a compendium dating back to 2013 to share relevant articles related to the UMC and ongoing news from across the United States and the church on a worldwide scale. This site is updated frequently with articles, tweets, blogs, and videos to present a more complete picture of what is happening with the UMC, GMC, and others. Visit the Compendium here:

During the SC Annual Conference held June 4-7 in Florence, the Conference approved the separation of 113 churches across the state who have chosen to separate from the The United Methodist Church.  The following article offers more details and a list of the churches involved:

You also have the opportunity to ask our Denomination Communications Team questions. Our team will try their very best to answer as many questions as they can.

Questions for Denomination Communication Team

Please let us know what questions you have for our Denomination Communication Team. Our hope is to answer your questions as soon as possible!