At Advent, we believe that growth happens in groups, and we encourage everyone to join together on a journey of discipleship. Choosing to commit to a LifeGroup allows us all to share our journey, our hurdles, and our love for God together. Strengthen your bond to your community and Jesus Christ through small group learning.

Our vision for Adult Ministry at Advent is to build a community of adults actively engaged in their faith journey. Our mission in Adult Ministry is encouraging and nurturing adults to continue to grow in their relationship with Christ as they gather together to study, pray, and serve.

Growth Happens in LifeGroups

At Advent, we call our small groups, LifeGroups. LifeGroups provide adults an opportunity to connect in smaller communities, to dig deeper into God’s word, and to grow as an individual and as a community.

We have a strong collection of established LifeGroups that span all different age ranges, life stages and needs that meet weekly or, in some cases, monthly.

Pete Aubin, our Director of Discipleship and Connections, oversees all LifeGroups. We encourage you to find an established LifeGroup, but if you have an idea for a new LifeGroup, let Pete know!

Advent Book Club

Ladies, love to read? Please join this LifeGroup as we meet the first Monday of the month for fellowship and book discussion.

Meeting Time: First Monday of the Month
Location: Various members’ homes
Who: Women, all ages

Advent Moms LifeGroup

Mothers of young children who seek to share this journey with others. Nursery care provided.

Meeting Time: 9:30 am on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
Location: Education Building, Room E108
Who: Women with Young Children


The Adventurers enjoy some great discussion concerning our faith journey as we seek to apply God’s word into our daily lives. We enjoy getting together for fellowship outside of class and being involved in the missions of the church.

Meeting Time: 9:55 am on Sunday
Location: Education Building, Room E112
Who: Men & Women, Late 30’s to Early 50’s

Agapé Circle Meeting

Agapé Circle (Agapé, meaning love as revealed in Jesus) holds a Bible study discussion with refreshments and fellowship at each meeting and hosts at least two parties for the circle each year. Agape Circle also hosts Halloween, Christmas, and Easter events for the girls at Marie Yount’s home and assist with prom items if needed in the spring. This Circle also supports Backpack Blessings and provides dinner and overnight hosts for one night during each IHN Week.

Meeting Time: 3rd Monday of each month (could vary)
Location: Various members’ homes
Who: Women, 40s-60s


This LifeGroup is learning to walk the walk together daily as Christians. This group shares, learns, and grows from tackling real life challenges.

Meeting Time: 6:00 pm on Wednesday
Location: Christian Life Center, Room 203
Who: Men & Women, All ages

Caregiver Support Group

The group is designed to provide caregivers with emotional, educational, and social support on a monthly basis. All caregivers, regardless of the diagnosis or level of disability of your loved one are welcome.

Meeting Time: First Thursday of the Month at 2:00 pm
Location: Education Building, Room E113
Who: All caregivers

Covenant Bible Study

The Covenant Bible Study is focused on building relationships while learning about God’s plan for each of us. We meet on Sunday evenings and plan to complete several short studies throughout the year.  If you are looking for a place to connect and grow, come join us.

Meeting Time: 6:00 pm on Sundays
Location: Christian Life Center, Room C204
Who: Men & Women, All Ages

Effective Living

This is a group of individuals that enjoy variety! We do videos, books, and Bible studies that initiate spirited discussions from our diverse group. We participate in the food preparation for Triune Mercy Center.

Meeting Time: 9:55 am on Sunday
Location: Advent House, Room A101
Who: Men & Women, 40’s & above

Emmanuel Women’s Outreach Circle

Emmanuel Circle’s Mission is the Shepherd’s Gate Women’s Shelter. Emmanuel Circle collects toiletries and other needed items to give to the women every month. This Circle is fondly known as the “Chicken Pot Pie” Circle because of its November fundraiser to support Shepherd’s Gate. At each meeting, the ladies share concerns which we lift up in prayer.  We attempt to have a speaker each month for the sharing of information pertinent to the welfare of women in our area (i.e. Julie Valentine Center, Shepherd’s Gate Renewal Center). There is always plenty of laughter and fun. Each year is kicked off with a cookout and the fellowship continues all year.

Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday of the month (could vary)
Location: Education Building, Room E112
Who: Women, 40s to 60s

Free Spirits

A group of senior adults who meet for fellowship and connection. Free Spirits have monthly dinner meetings, may go to a play or concert, or have a game night. Monthly evening gatherings have included Greenville Drive baseball games, cookouts, and annual Oktoberfest and Christmas Parties.

Meeting Time: Once a month, dates and times vary
Location: Various
Who: Men & Women, Seniors


A lunch group with men of diverse life experiences, professions, and faith backgrounds who come together to fellowship and build faith primarily through short-term group studies.  We learn from experienced christian publishers and discussions of our personal experiences as followers of Christ and our other roles as  husbands, fathers and sons.

Meeting Time: 2nd and 4th Monday each month
Location: Restaurant in Greenville
Who: Men, All Ages

GIFT (Girls in Fellowship Together) Circle Meeting

GIFT Circle reads and discusses a book each year. They also host a great overnight retreat in the fall and a weekend retreat to the beach in the spring, as well as several social/dinners at local restaurants.

Meeting Time: Last Tuesday of the Month (could vary)
Location: Various Members Homes
Who: Women, 30s to 50s


We share an interest in scripture based studies and lively discussions based on our variety of life experiences. We are also passionate about demonstrating God’s love through community mission projects and service to Advent.

Meeting Time: 9:45 am on Sunday
Location: Advent House, Kitchen
Who: Men & Women, 55+

Jean Glover Circle Meeting

Jean Glover Circle has either speakers at each of the meetings or they take a local field trip. Jean Glover Circle also gathers for lunch and fellowship.

Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday of the month (could vary)
Location: Christian Life Center Dining Room
Who: Women, 60s to 70s

Men’s Bible Study

We believe, as a group, that iron sharpens iron and that it is in God we grow. We come from all walks of life and ages, giving each other prayer and advice as we journey together.

Meeting Time: 7:30 am on Sunday
Location: Education Building, Room E113
Who: Men, All Ages

New Beginnings

The New Beginnings LifeGroup is an easy place to fit in if you are joining a group for the first time. All are welcome! We celebrate diversity and believe that friendships are born and spiritual growth occurs when we choose to walk alongside people who offer varying opinions and respect one another. At a New Beginnings gathering, you will find a group of friendly, kind people that are open-hearted. We believe that God is best found with others. Come, join us on the journey!

Meeting Time: 6:30 pm on Wednesdays
Location: Home of LifeGroup Leaders
Who: Men & Women, All Ages

New Each Day

This is the perfect class for those early risers who attend worship at 9:55. Our class uses a wide variety of materials, most often with a video component, to grow and strengthen our relationship with God and our community.

Meeting Time: 8:45 am on Sunday
Location: Education Building, Room E112
Who: Men & Women, All Ages

Onstad LifeGroup

A LifeGroup dedicated to furthering our Christian knowledge and journey.  Come study and fellowship with us on Wednesday evenings. Light refreshments are served.

Meeting Time: 6:00 pm on Wednesdays
Location: Education Building, Room E112
Who: Men & Women, All Ages


Passages is comprised of members new to a Sunday School group setting. We are a mature crowd in general and are comprised of couples and singles who love to read and learn.

Meeting Time: 9:55 am on Sunday
Location: Advent House, Room A103
Who: Men & Women, 50+

Rose Hammond Circle Meeting

Rose Hammond Circle meets each month and supports missions for GAIHN and cancer research.

Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday of the month (could vary)
Location: Various restaurants
Who: Women, 50s to 60s


This is the group for women on a faith journey who enjoy reading and studying scripture through inspirational books and DVD series that relate to everyday life issues.

Meeting Time: 9:55 am on Sunday
Location: Advent House, Room A202
Who: Single and Married Women, 40s to mid 60s

Starting Point

Starting Point is an 8-session small group where questions about God turn into conversations about faith. A place where people can discuss their doubts and explore the trickiest topics of faith together without pressure or judgement.  It’s a conversation, not a presentation.  Whether you’re new to faith, have questions about faith and God, or seek to strengthen your faith, Starting Point is a place where your opinions and beliefs are valued and no question is off limits. If it sounds like Starting Point may be a fit for you, then let’s talk!

Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 6:00 pm
Location: Christian Life Center, Room 204
Who: Men & Women, All Ages


Tangents is composed of mostly young families with children ages 5 months to 5 years. Studies tend to be topical and of interest to parents with young children. Tangents offers 2 different meeting times so you can choose what works best for your schedule. Nursery Care Provided.

Meeting Time:
Wednesdays at 6:00 pm or Sundays at 11:15 am
Wednesdays – Education Building, Room E108
Sundays – Education Building, Room E113
Who: Men & Women, Young Families in 20s and 30s with Young Children

The Light

The LIGHT is perfect for those who attend worship at 9:55. We use a wide variety of materials to help develop our spiritual practices and discover our unique gifts, while sharing the journey with friends.

Meeting Time: 11:10 am on Sunday
Location: Education Building, Room E112
Who: Men & Women, 30s-60s

The Watchmen Bible Study

A group of men of diverse ages coming together to fellowship and study God’s word.  We engage in robust discussion, going deep on a wide array of topics at the intersection of life today and God’s timeless truths.  We also enjoy cookouts and other fellowship time together.

Meeting Time:  Approximately twice a month in the evening, 6:00pm, dates and times vary
Location: Various Locations
Who: Men, All ages

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study

A group of women who meet weekly for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. Studies are usually 6-10 weeks each and may include a DVD and either participants’ guide or workbook.

Meeting Time: 9:15 am on Thursday
Location: Education Building, Room E112
Who: Women, All Ages

Trinity Friends

We enjoy lots of lively discussions about how to live faithfully every day. Lesson leadership is shared amongst the group and missions include supporting GAIHN, Triune Mercy Center, Backpack Blessings, and others.

Meeting Time: 9:55 am on Sunday
Location: Education Building, Room E113
Who: Men & Women, Primarily Couples, Late 30’s to Early 50’s

UMC Men: Brothers!

This Bible study meets every Thursday morning at 6:00 am. A light breakfast is enjoyed followed by a study of scripture. The group ends at 7:00 am with prayer. The Brothers also serves breakfast for IHN and other missions as the need and opportunities arise.

Meeting Time: 6:00 am on Thursday
Location: Christian Life Center, Dining Room (Room C101)
Who: Men, All Ages

Wednesday Evening Women’s LifeGroup

Wednesday Evening Women are a group of moms who meet on Wednesday evenings to fellowship and discuss books we are reading.  Topics have covered parenting, various books of the Bible, and prayer.

Meeting Time: 6:00 pm on Wednesdays
Location: Education Building, Room E106
Description: Women, all ages – mostly women with preschool and elementary children

Women on the Journey

Women on the Journey is a group of women seeking to discern God’s will for our lives and to share this journey with others.

Meeting Time: 9:15 am on Monday
Location: Education Building, Room E112
Who: Women, All Ages

Young at Heart

The Young at Heart are adults who enjoy some laughter and fun as they seek to understand scripture. We encourage each other by sharing different thoughts, insights and perspectives, and have a rich variety of experiences that enhance our discussions.

Meeting Time: 9:55 am on Sunday
Location: Advent House, Room A102
Who: Men & Women, 50s – 80s

Young Married Couples

Studies are discussion based and topical. The group meets at various member homes.

Meeting Time: 7:00 pm on Wednesday
Location: Various Members Homes
Description: 20s and up, Married Couples

Young Professionals Small Group

This LifeGroup is discussion-based with a mix of Bible study and topical books.

Meeting Time: 7:30 pm on Thursday
Location: Advent Members Home
Who: Men & Women, Single and Married Couples, late 20s and early 30s

Still Not Sure?

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, or if you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.