Journey to Discipleship

Here at Advent UMC, we hope individuals will seriously consider taking steps to intentionally grow in their faith by being on Journey of Discipleship. When one chooses to commit to a Sunday School Class, Small Group, or Bible Study with a group of people learning and sharing together, the one is choosing to grow in their faith on this journey. We Belive individuals will not only experience a surge in knowledge but also encouragement in their daily life as a Christian. We hope individuals will become connected with people they are in study with and will challenge one another in faith as well as share their joy and pain, excitement and disappointments of everyday life. Journey of Discipleship Web Chart
The mission statement for the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Journey of Discipleship is our plan for discipleship making. There is much more information about the Journey and ways you can participate on our Adult Ministries page. You may also contact Mark Jordan.