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In Search of a few good heroes!
June 18th – 22nd 6:00 pm – 8:30pm

Every year, the Advent UMC campus gears up for something rather exciting. Strange shapes start appearing…surfboards, mountains, workshops….appeals appear in the bulletin for all sorts of strange supplies…and above all, there’s that never ending request for people to serve! Now, you might think that all this fuss and bother is just too much. What’s the point? It’s just one week!

Well, it might be one week to you, but for some children, it can be the ONE week that changes everything. This might be the year they really, truly, believe that God loves them. This might be the year that they decide that they’ll welcome Christ into their life. It might be the one year that it’s the one week that makes up for a rotten school year…or a hard summer…or it might be the one week that is another amazing one where they know they are loved and valued. This year our theme is Hero Central – where we discover our strength in God! How can we help children (and ourselves!) believe that in God, we can do amazing things?

Each year, we take a week and pour into our Advent children, but also into children from the community. We sing, we laugh, we learn and we grow together. We play silly games and do messy science experiments, and we learn Bible stories and make new relationships. It’s a week like no other. We are the church, from the oldest to the youngest, all participating together.

You may be one of the many people from 6th grade to adulthood who step up each year and make this a possibility. If you are, thank you. No matter if you have a big role or a small one, your part matters, and you are doing holy work.

But maybe you haven’t served before…or maybe you’ve served in years past and feel like you’ve “done your time”…maybe you’re on the fence about helping. Let me challenge you to think about the disciples and the early church. The disciples certainly put in their hard work, but not one of them stopped working for the Kingdom of God. They probably did things out of their comfort zones, but they did it anyway because they knew it was about more than themselves. Lives were changed, and disciples were made because everyone worked together. The community of early believers all knew it took all of them to make this thing called “church” work. We may not be in ancient Rome, but we still have to work together to make the church be all it should be. We all have a way to support the mission of VBS at Advent – which is the mission of our WHOLE church – to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

You are invited to find a place where you can serve. Want to help decorate? Help with registration? Lead a small group of preschoolers? Elementary age kids? Serve snack? Run the break room for our people serving? Run Games or Science or Drama? Help with a center? Run the First Aid Station? Not every job is huge, but every job is important. There is great flexibility and the rewards are tremendous. You could be the ONE person that changes someone’s life.
Most of all, please pray. There’s no reason you can’t pray for VBS. Pray that we would be a week of joy and strength for all children. Pray that we would be a week of joy and strength for all who serve. Pray that you would be open to God’s leading of how you should help.

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